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Bethlehem in Wales

Bethlehem in Wales
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Yes, we have a Bethlehem in Britain. It's a hamlet in south-west Wales and gets its name from the non-conformist chapel there. Not surprisingly it attracts a lot of tourists at Christmas time, all eager to get a Bethlehem postmark on their Christmas cards! Every year, a Christmas market is held in the hamlet.

Good walking country
The path up Carn Goch, hear Bethlehem in Wales
The path up Carn Goch near Bethlehem
© Copyright Jeremy Bolwell
The terrain of the Welsh Bethlehem could not be more different from that of its Middle East counterpart. It lies in one of the remotest parts of the Brecon Beacons, a range of old red sandstone peaks to the south of Brecon (in Carmarthenshire). It's an area that is very popular with walkers. The hamlet itself is overlooked by Carn Goch, an iron-age hill fort, which sits on open access land and is therefore freely accessible to the public.

The Beacons Waywhich starts in Bethlehem, runs west-east over the hill.

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